No homeowner would ever like a smoky home. Unfortunate home fire, faulty appliances, burnt toast, cigarette smoke, or whatever caused the smoke in the house, no one would want this disgusting odor to keep lingering inside. If you have come here wanting to know how to deal with smoke in the house, you are in the right place.

Increasing the home’s ventilation and improving natural light are some general suggestions to get rid of the smoke odor. However, we’ll dissect each step to help you understand the efficiency and significance of doing it.

Ways to Remove Smoke Odor

The expense of the cleaning and steps to alleviate the smoke will depend upon the damage caused by the fire. If you follow and read the guide we’ve compiled below, you’ll become successful in turning your house into an odor-free one. If you did not employ a fire damage restoration service to oversee the smoke remediation, the following five tips should be of help.

1. Deep clean everything

Smoke smells can land on every surface and fabric in the home. Doing a deep clean by following the easy actions below can help with smoke odor removal.

  • Deep shampoo your carpets.
  • Mix a quarter cup of baking soda, half a cup of ammonia, and a cup of vinegar in a gallon of warm water. Use this to scrub the ceilings and walls.
  • Buy new shades and throw out the old ones.
  • Wash the furniture coverings and drapes.

2. Air out your house

Providing better ventilation to your house is among the critical steps toward eliminating smoky smells. The air can distribute better inside the house by opening the doors and windows. Keeping the exhaust fans running in the bathrooms and kitchen is also a good idea. If you have box fans, place them in your windows and let them run for hours to improve air circulation.

Doing this can make the space inside the home much more bearable. However, it will be better to employ cleanup experts if the odor is still too much to handle despite your efforts. If the odor is not overthrowing you, keep all your windows open and clean any suspicious surfaces that could be harboring a smoky smell.

3. Clean all the mirrors and glass surfaces in the home

Individuals tend to prioritize cleaning upholstered furnishings and sofas to eliminate the smoke smell. However, surfaces like mirrors and walls can take in a significant amount of smoke odors, which might cause the smell of burned objects. Using a solution of warm water and vinegar to wipe down the surfaces, followed by a clean water rinse, can do the job.

People tend to be hesitant to employ water damage remediation specialists to deal with smoke smells due to the money included in the transaction. However, hiring them can eliminate all your concerns as they’ll clean every suspicious surface in the home where the smoke odor might be coming from.

4. Set up a dehumidifier

When dealing with a home fire, people tend to use buckets of water to extinguish it. However, this can cause humidity to surge inside the house, and the places that were not appropriately cleaned might be a breeding ground for mold development. A dehumidifier can help dry your home and even discourage germs from breeding. This will lead to drier air that efficiently removes the smell.

If you find some locations of your home already plagued by molds, don’t think twice about hiring contractors specializing in mold removal in Weston to handle the removal process safely. Leaving it to them will eliminate the excess moisture and remove all the molds in your home.

You may visit websites like for more information about mold removal services.

5. Try replacing the cooling and heating system’s air filters

Doing this can better improve the circulation of airflow in the home. Smoke odor particles can rapidly get trapped in these filters, so replacing them may contribute to resolving the issue.