Busy individuals who enjoy looking after pets can find it challenging to balance their obligations and pet care. Some may recommend that you should stop owning a pet if you’re too busy, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Below are some helpful tips on how busy people can successfully care for their pet buddies:

1. Create a Pet Care Schedule and Stick to It

Planning is crucial when it comes to balancing your job and pet care. Build a schedule that outlines your pet’s demands, such as feedings, walks, grooming, and many more. Additionally, write down (or set reminders) for your dog or cat checkup, vaccinations, or other upcoming activities. Having everything written down will make it easier to stick to your plans and take better care of your pet.

2. Find Pet Care Services or Resources

Take advantage of the pet resources and professional services from animal facilities like East Coweta Veterinary Hospital to help lighten the burden. If you don’t have enough time for daily strolls, consider working with a dog walker or doggy daycare service. You can also find pet boarding to look after them while you’re away.

If you don’t know any, ask for suggestions from close friends, family, or people you trust. In addition, looking online is an excellent way to locate pet boarding centers within your neighborhood. Just read reviews, ask questions, or even check out the facilities before committing.

3. Delegate Pet Care Responsibilities

If you have a family, delegate responsibilities to other family members whenever possible. Even if it’s just once a week, having somebody else take on some pet care duties can be a good relief. In addition, keep a checklist of reliable close friends willing to care for your pets in emergencies. This will assure you that your pets are taken care of when something urgent occurs and you can not do so.

4. Choose a Vet Clinic with Complete Services

If possible, opt for a veterinarian clinic as your go-to pet care provider that provides all the essential pet services. You should be able to obtain all the must-haves, such as food and nutrition guidance, parasite control products, checkup, vaccinations, and pet wellness examinations.

A vet facility with complete services should also provide surgical treatment, radiology, and diagnostic tests. This saves you time, energy, and funds as you can have all your pet care needs to be taken care of in one location. In addition, if you want to find vet clinics that provide complete pet care services, including vaccines, you can start by searching for “pet vaccinations near me” online to get accurate results.

5. Spend Quality Time with Your Pet

When you’re not occupied, spare some time to spend quality bonding moments with your pet. Take your dog for a leisurely walk, or snuggle up on the couch. Spending quality time with your pet will make them feel happy and loved, and it does not always involve activities needing a lot of effort.

Also, don’t neglect training your dog when you’re with them, even for at least 10 to 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week. Training your dog will aid you in building a solid bond with them.

6. Look for a Playmate for Your Pet

If you can, find a playmate for your pet so it has someone to socialize with while you’re away. Dogs, specifically, will appreciate having an additional furry buddy to keep them company and play around with.

If you’re worried that they could be destructive when you leave them alone at home, leave them with something to do, such as chewing playthings, hiding treats around your house, or playing a game of fetch. This will help them stay entertained and keep their mind active.

Plus, ensure that no toys or items can be easily destroyed or swallowed when left unattended. If you can, walk your dogs before leaving the house so they will feel tired and less likely to be destructive.

The Bottom Line: Should You Get a Pet When You’re Busy?

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if getting a pet when you’re busy is the right thing for you. But the most critical aspect you need to consider is what’s fair for your pets. Though having an animal companion can bring great joy and companionship, having one also comes with accountabilities that require time, effort, and dedication.

Caring for a pet is the best addition to your life if you can make time for proper pet care while juggling your profession or studies. With careful planning and organizing, there’s no reason why someone who leads a frantic way of living can’t properly care for their beloved dogs or cats.