We usually leave our pets in a kennel when we go on vacation or a long trip. When dogs stay at boarding kennels, they often get kennel stress. Kennel stress is real, and it can hurt your dog’s health. First of all, they are too stressed to eat or sleep. If this goes on for a few days, they may pace or bark all day and night. Most of the time, it’s just a matter of time before the dog’s health worsens. When medical problems from before are considered, the risks go through the roof.

Pre Boarding Preparations

Another reason to board your pet could be for better monitoring after surgery. They can search for “veterinary surgery near me” to consult the experts if medical boarding is recommended for their pets.

Regardless of the reason for boarding, the dog might still feel stressed out even if most kennels take good care of them. Owners can do a few things to make their dogs feel less stressed while in the kennel. 

Cage-train the Dog

Most dogs may be very upset when they have to stay in a kennel because they are used to being free to roam the house and go wherever they want. The dog’s owner could start to train the dog for its stay in the kennel to help the dog feel less stressed. A good way to get the dog ready for its time at the kennel is to get used to being alone in a small space, like a cage or crate at home or a small bedroom. By like looking up “dog daycare near me”, you could learn more on the dog kennels near you and choose the ideal one for your dog. 

Limit Your Pet’s Fear of Being Left Alone

When a dog is worried about being away from its owner or the other dogs in the house, it can become anxious and stressed out. The owner should start spending more and more time away from their dog a few weeks before they leave for their trip. When numerous dogs share a home, the owner should also offer each dog some alone time every day.

See the Place Itself

A person who owns and runs a dog kennel doesn’t have to know how every dog acts just because they are in charge. Dogs have various personalities and likes and dislikes. Before the owner leaves for their trip, they should check their website or go to the kennel and talk to the owner about how their dog acts. When the kennel owner knows more about the dog, they can make the dog stay more comfortable.

Bring a Familiar Item

It’s a good idea to bring something familiar to the kennel with the dog. This can help it feel more at ease while it’s there. This could be their favorite blanket, toy, or something else that reminds their owner of good times. Things that make the dog feel at ease will help him feel less worried.


Even calm dogs can get upset when they are in a new place, food changes, or routine changes. Not to mention being put in a kennel they don’t know, surrounded by strange smells and other dogs, some of which might be barking. If you have a nervous, anxious, or dog-aggressive dog, your dog just needs space. Ask the kennel owner if they know about these breeds and can take care of them. Many pets may find boarding to be a stressful experience. It helps if the dog’s owner knows a few ways to prepare it, so it stays calm at the kennel.