3CFR Tech is a rapidly growing community of professionals interested in marketing strategy and technology. With over 6 digits of marketing-focused members, 3CFR Tech is your perfect companion for integrated marketing campaigns. Contact to completely change your advertising benefits.

3CFR Tech Today is a daily publication that covers all aspects of the marketing technology business alongside sister publications, Digital Marketing and Business News. We provide daily news coverage includes breaking stories, business news, and trends, and at popular platforms utilized by marketing technologists to reach consumers online.

Along with the editorial information staff coverage, 3CFR Tech Today includes contributed articles by subject matter experts across all of the digital marketing disciplines, filled with practical tips, tactics, and strategies for conducting successful marketing programs.

Who We Are

3CFR is a global printing business with headquarters in Ontario, CA.

We assist technology decision-makers in massive businesses to gain, retain, and service clients through insight into digital strategy and technology.

3CFR provides a range of content-leading sites across crucial topics and industry verticals such as Marketing; Technology; Real Estate; Business; Healthy and IoT.

We’ve assembled some of the world’s largest societal communities with over 3.2 million associates on interpersonal media.

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